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Cure of pollution is possible Thanks to Science and Technology


Cure of pollution is possible Thanks to Science and Technology

In our previous post we talked about the reasons of pollutions. Today we are here again continuing…………

Man, the best of His creations in the world creates the worst thing to produce POLLUTION. Unfortunately, every creature has to face the consequences of POLLUTION created by the best creature. The modern culture, citification and luxurious items add to the repercussion of POLLUTION constantly. If the process is not impeded the day is not so far away when we shall not dare to breath in the air. Water may be there, but we will not dare to drink it. Edibles may be there, but we would not be surviving to eat them. Humanity will be lost and so the world. I can frankly say that it will happen. Certainly it will happen and none of us would be available to see the biggest ZEERO. The best creature is creating a big path for its destruction. In the name of a better life, in the name of easy life, in the name of prestigious life we are widening the path of our destruction. Who will save us? I remembered here an old quote from a wise man.


When a man wants to destroy himself no other person can save him.

But nothing is impossible in this world. If we have problems, then, thanks to science and technology, we also have a cure of pollution. It has invented the sources for combating the progressive enemy of humanity named pollution. It has given usEffluent Treatment Plants [ETP] to treat different type of effluent, we are using Water Treatment Plants [WTP] for purification of the water to make it drinkable, Sewage Treatment Plant [STP] is also a great invention. So many friendly chemicals as weapons to fight against pollution. But still there are certain people who do not use these weapons and add to the destructive power of pollution. The prodigious giant of pollution will not be defeated until we collectively attack on it. We individually and severally should always be thinking of pollution control and light pollution not prevail at large as an enemy.

In our future posts we will tell you about different type of pollution control devices and their working. Stay here with us to know more about those scientific inventions. For regular updates through emails you can follow us on this blog.

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