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E.T.P And S.T.P Operators

E.T.P And S.T.P Operators

The main responsibility of in ETP and STP operators Delhi is to ensure that residents have nontoxic and clean water in accordance with centralized, provincial and municipal legislation, guidelines and principles.

Such water treatment services are provided by various E.T.P operators which conduct consistent reviews of the physical plan, heating, aeration and air conditioning systems.

The major ETP-STP operators and services in India includes various services such as:

  • Preserve the treatment plant systems
  • Maintain and function the cleaning and chemical treatment processes
  • Examine, service and repair modules of the water treatment plant comprising water intakes, pipes, water storage containers, chemical treatment apparatus controls, flow pumps, boilers, heat exchangers and controllers
  • Ensure an ample supply of water for human ingesting and firefighting activities
  • Formulate work orders for examining and maintenances
  • Assemble for major preservations
  • Review the treatment plant systems on a regular basis to certify effective processes.


We take up projects on annual contract basis along with raw material supply, Labour supply and various other contracts with respect to preservation of environment.

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